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Athena believes in taking mission-driven businesses to market with the support of our elite, women-led advisory board of founders, operators, investors, dealmakers, and CEOs

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Athena Emereges

In the summer of 2020, fintech founder and venture capitalist Isabelle Freidheim reflected on the nascent special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) boom.

She visualized the typical story unfolding where women were left out of yet another male-dominated field — but she wouldn’t accept that.

Inspired by Athena, the embodiment of wisdom and strength in Greek mythology, Freidheim began assembling a formidable group of leaders to create the Athena Network, an organization of women-led SPACs brimming with advisory talent and experience that rival anyone else in the market.

The Athena Network

The Athena network includes more than 20 CXOs today. Having been operators and investors themselves, the women of the Athena network add expertise to further accelerate sourcing, diligence, and value-creation.

Each member understands the passion, dedication, and expertise needed to drive meaningful growth and transformation. They also maintain strong relationships with their companies even after the business combinations are complete. Together as a group we currently generate over $9 billion in revenues created from scratch as founders. Our sectors of expertise expand across areas of technology, with a particular focus on FinTech, cybersecurity and technology enabled DTC. In aggregate, we have been on a number of public boards, including Oracle, American Airlines, NBC, BNY Mellon, GroupOn, Draft Kings, Citi, Comcast among others and over 30 private company boards.

Athena Grows

Athena is a special purpose acquisition company where investments are made with wisdom and strength, and partners are empowered to reach their full potential.

Athena SPACs are architected with market-leading talent, access to capital, and transaction experience to facilitate access to the equity capital markets for leading companies. Athena views its potential partner companies as just that—partners. By blending their deep management and operational experience with high-quality investors who believe in the team and its mission, Athena SPACs set their potential partner companies up for long-term success.

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